Sunday, December 26, 2010


me on my new skateboard
Daisy waiting for he present

my brother doing a handplant

my new sweater and head band

All images taken with the new Canon!

I got my Christmas wish and I hope that you all did as well. I have been taking endless pictures after opening my black Canon Rebel XS and now I am very excited to take many high resolution fashion photos haha. Also, I got a 160 g ipod so that I hopefully never run out of space for my music :). My last big present was from my brothers; my oldest brother handmade a skateboard for me! It's the only one made at the moment and is pictured with his unique logo on it. It makes for the nicest ride ever! Clothes wise, I did not get very much because of the value of the presents explained above; however, I did get an extremely comfortable heather sweater, wire headband, and a greenish-grey duffel bag from American Apparel. This is a very memorable Christmas as my photography, music, and skating aspirations are now closer in reach. Thank you SANTA!!!


  1. Hi Claire, thank for the comment on my blog Wunderlust...
    first of all I love your blog, I really really like the image on this post with you and your new sweater, I had to do a double take...uber cool. I am following you and cant wait to see more images taken with your canon. Secondly I love your dog adorable, I love dogs and have one that is similar to Daisy called Lilly!
    I am happy to hear my images sound quite Gothic, I like that they carry the feeling of depth. I do not listen to Gothic music, however I do like wearing black (depending on my mood). I find that if I shoot images outside in nature they convey so much more drama and feeling so I try and make road trips to forests mountains and woods (however its soooo cold here right now so it complicates things) as they are my favourite scenery and make photos more special.
    have fun on your new skateboard

    Oh I see you are on lookbook, check out a site called chictopia, very similar but more interactive

  2. Wow thank you soooo much! I have a lookbook and a chictopia so i'll be sure to be your fan on each! thanks so much again! I'm trying to get my blog going but it is hard to get followers, but thank you dearly for being one of them :)

  3. I struggled for ages to get any followers...for a long time it was just my sister, best friend and boyfriend lol.I still don't have that many but I guess it takes time, people have been doing it for YEARS!it is hard in the beginning my blog is also still new so I guess you learn as you go along.

    coming back to your question, follow this link
    it is a free little programme you download, very simple and you drag your photos on to it and it creates a polaroid (just because the real deal is so expensive) that is what I do. I really love it and have to stop myself from using it to often. It works really well with some images and not so well with others. It also distorts the colours slightly to give the image more feeling.

    I will also look for you on lookbook and chictopia, although I really dont like lookbook. responses and interaction on chictopia is much better and more friendly

    take care

  4. wow thank you I am your number one fan!