Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Celia Birtwell- "1941-, Designer. Born in Bury, Lancashire, England. Birtwell studied textiles at Salford School of Art where she met her future husband, the designer Ossie Clark. She moved to London where she did a myraid of design jobs, however, it was her collaboration with Clark that gained her international attention. Birtwell's romantic witty prints combined with her husband's distinctive flowing houettes in soft jersey, crepe de chine, and chiffon, captured the spirit of the 1960's. Their clientèle numbered British royalty, pop star s and models. Birtwell was also the muse for her friend, artist David Hockney, who painted the iconic portrait Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy. In 1973, Birtwell, left Clark and their business and taught at various colleges, including Chelsea School of Art. She resumed designing in 1984, concentrating mainly on interiors and fabric design, and opened a shop in London. Birtwell's charming vision came back into fashion in 2006 when she successfully launched a Spring/Summer collection that cold through the high-street chain Topshop."

- The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers

Mr And Mrs Clark And Percy
By David Hockney
image from: shafe.co.uk

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