Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Every bit of fashion is apart of the greater world of art

These are my first oil paintings that I completed within five days of a John Carroll art intensive with Mr. Duane Sabiston. The camp was titled as the "Ish" workshop, because it was focused on teaching us the importance of light and its effects on color and the reflection of that in our work. So, here are the paintings that I did in the week :)

This is my first oil painting that I did of a chrome lipstick bottle. It was an experimentation with oil paints as a complete novice to the oil painting system. With that said, it is my favorite painting of mine to date because I love the atypical color pallet that luckily worked quite well. With a few lucky stroked and a lot of acting without thinking then analyzing the subconscious actions, I was able to turn out an oil painting this solitary tube of glamorous lipstick.

I did this oil painting of the three pool balls on the fourth day of the camp. From it I learned the complexity of painting a detailed, proportional, and polished sphere. I do not necessary like how finished background pool balls; however, I find the 3 ball quite striking. Therefore, I can accept that my painting draws the eye to the middle ball because it is brighter, complimentary to the table color, and just better painted.

This was my first self portrait ever and it is probably the painting that I gained the most self knowledge from going so far. The painting was started with the layout of the "hair hat" where the shape and look of my face was found structured through the painting of my hair. From there, the exploration began. Looking at the painting in an analytical position, I would say that my lips are too wide, my light casts seem to shape my face down to the left, and my eyes are too big; however, it holds my look and is a portrait that I appreciate as a beginning to my self portrait collection.

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