Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Not A Bigger Size?

American Apparel Doesn't Make Skimpy Painted-On Shorts in Sizes Bigger Than 6I was just reading an article on about how several garbs from American Apparel only come in xs, s, and m sizes meaning that those who are a 4-6 can buy the clothing. It is only the short shorts that American Apparel sells in these limited sizes. Even though I believe that this is an intelligent idea, as it keeps those who would have their back side falling out of the shorts from buying them, many find this to be a controversy. People have been asking American Apparel about the limited range of sizes and find a discrimination against those who would not fit into the xs-m sizes. Personally, I agree with those who respond backing by saying that a person larger than a medium would be saving themselves by not being able to buy such pieces of clothing. Even for the wearers of an xs, shorts such as disco shorts at American Apparel are cut so short that they could only be worn for certain occasions and to certain places. Funny story, I own these disco shorts ha ha! That's what drew me to this article, as I was not aware of the limitation on sizes. I have worn these shorts and can testify that they could easily become scandalous. It's a fine line between acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to wearing these shorts in public. When American Apparel comes out with such small pieces of clothing in only small sizes, be reminded that they design for the body type of a dancer. Don't feel discriminated against by the clothing either; only a small percentage of people are born with a dancer-like body.

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