Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In With the Nude

Especially for summer, when clothing hues seemingly get brighter, what color should the hues of shoes be? Nude. The newest thing for summer is to wear bright hues with nude or neutral shoes. This makes the color pop and keeps the viewer from being distracted from the clothing. For example, my dear cousin Evelyn wore a beautiful, classy magenta t-length dress from prom. The dress was not overly frilly, bedazzled, or in any way tacky, and what made the outfit well put together was the lack of distractions. Her pumps were nude ;) This is a prime example of how shoes can make an outfit rather than break it. remember not to go overboard with color this summer. Put emphasis on what is needed to be emphasized and stray from accessory distractions. One main solution to this is to wear nude pumps or sandals. Be in with the nude.

Evelyn in her perfect prom dress :)

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