Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trend Update

When shopping for summer, I am trying to keep things vintage. Many times, the flouncy, lacy look of delicate vintage attire suits spring and summer very well. American Apparel just got some great things that fit this look, such as the El Salvador Lace Tee or the Multi-Layered Reversable Petticoat. Also, check out etsy for infinite pages of vintage pieces. I saw great example of this look for summer on Chris B from
American Apparel Lace Tee, American Apparel Sash Belt As Bow, American Apparel Drawstring Tank Dress As Skirt, American Apparel Petticoat
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For men this summer:
I would not say the hipster look with vanity glasses and cut off denim capri's is attractive. I actually find surf and skate attire quite pleasing to the eye. Try slim jeans that are not uncomfortably tight but are slim enough to not cut off the line of your figure. Some companies that I would suggest are Insight, RVCA, Volcom, Obey etc. For summer, remember to keep things slim and not baggy.
ps: dr. martins are hot!!

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