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DECADES of fashions 1900-1909

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The first decade of the 20th century was marked by corseted women of Edwardian beauty. The Edwardian body  is explained by Linda Watson in her Twentieth Centruy Fashion text book as one with "rotund breasts, a handspan waist, accentuated, hips and a protruding posterior. " These women wore S-bend corsets to give them an serpentine-like spine. This was decade where fashion was torturing. Beauty truly hurt; however, as this was a reflection of 19th century attire, the 20th century also began a new wave of more simplistic, comfortable wear. Therefore, the decade was split between the women who opted to wear whalebone corsets and those who deviated from clinching their ribs into them.
With the overall increase in simplicity of the decade came slimmer silhouettes but increasingly elaborate hats. The absurdity of these hats included gigantic lampshades, flowerpots, cages, and cabbages. Also, by 1909, the oriental look of the turban was quite risqué and explicit. Overall, the Edwardian look came to a close by the end of the decade, and women were beginning to stand up straight without the exhausting confinements of the corset. Plus, Vogue was beginning to take off with its helpful cutting edge suggestions on fashionable practicality. 
With the automobile taking off as well, it demanded a new dress code for the newest travel methods. The new accessories included folding footstools, goggles, touring bags, and gloves. Coats began to deflect from their tight silhouettes, and they became looser with wind cuffs to keep the wrists and arms dry. A motor cap was the craze as it was a fashionable knitted veil that kept dust out of the face and hair.
By the end, Vogue was the largest informative fashion text that protected readers from fashion faux pas and constantly updated them on the newest looks. Designers were also becoming more recognizable for their views as well as their labels. Within the end, a substantial amount of free reign was being released on women and they began to stand up straight. 

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