Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alexander Wang Fall 2010 RTW

As I attempted to catch up on my favorite man of all time, Alexander Wang's, newest designs, I became slightly disappointed at his fall line. The intentions of the clothing are genius with the cummerbund addition to blazers and the trench coat overlay made from an appealing mix of velvet, lace, leather, mesh, and pinstripes. Consequently, what threw me off was the tailoring. I felt as if the clothes didn't fit the girls like they usually do on the Wang runway and seemed to wrinkle awkwardly as the girls walked. Luckily, by the end of the line, the dresses that proceeded down the runway were absolutely gorgeous and chic. Overall, my favorite season of Wang is still his Spring 2009 denim/leather line. Thank you Alexander Wang from bringing in the idea of making masculine clothing sexy and greatly attractive on women. With this season, I still haven't lost any love and appreciation for young Alexander Wang though, because he could potentially pull this look off as something he did on purpose. Did he mean to have awkward gaps in his tailoring or was it the new take on the unfit, menswear trend? Take a look here and predict what you think:

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