Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Kicks

As high socks are in, the question is how to wear them. I have found that with the right shoes, almost any outfit is enhanced by thigh highs. These shoes fall under the characterizations of being wedges, booties, open toed, mary-janes, buckled....just make sure that it looks delicate and baby-doll-like.

Check these out

KORS Michael Kors "Vail" D'Orsay Wedges

PRICE: $195.00
KORS Michael Kors "Vail" D'Orsay Wedges

Sunday, May 23, 2010

DECADES of fashions 1900-1909

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The first decade of the 20th century was marked by corseted women of Edwardian beauty. The Edwardian body  is explained by Linda Watson in her Twentieth Centruy Fashion text book as one with "rotund breasts, a handspan waist, accentuated, hips and a protruding posterior. " These women wore S-bend corsets to give them an serpentine-like spine. This was decade where fashion was torturing. Beauty truly hurt; however, as this was a reflection of 19th century attire, the 20th century also began a new wave of more simplistic, comfortable wear. Therefore, the decade was split between the women who opted to wear whalebone corsets and those who deviated from clinching their ribs into them.
With the overall increase in simplicity of the decade came slimmer silhouettes but increasingly elaborate hats. The absurdity of these hats included gigantic lampshades, flowerpots, cages, and cabbages. Also, by 1909, the oriental look of the turban was quite risqué and explicit. Overall, the Edwardian look came to a close by the end of the decade, and women were beginning to stand up straight without the exhausting confinements of the corset. Plus, Vogue was beginning to take off with its helpful cutting edge suggestions on fashionable practicality. 
With the automobile taking off as well, it demanded a new dress code for the newest travel methods. The new accessories included folding footstools, goggles, touring bags, and gloves. Coats began to deflect from their tight silhouettes, and they became looser with wind cuffs to keep the wrists and arms dry. A motor cap was the craze as it was a fashionable knitted veil that kept dust out of the face and hair.
By the end, Vogue was the largest informative fashion text that protected readers from fashion faux pas and constantly updated them on the newest looks. Designers were also becoming more recognizable for their views as well as their labels. Within the end, a substantial amount of free reign was being released on women and they began to stand up straight. 

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

fashionable Listening Part DEUX

some songs that have struck my fancy over the past few weeks
  • Texas- Big Black
  • Repeat- Evan Dando
  • Territorial Pissings- Nirvana
  • Milk It - Nirvana
  • LIttle Johnny Jewel- Television
  • Soft Serve- Soul Coughing
  • The Rain- Rudimentary Peni
  • Wilcat- Ratatat
  • Everest -Ratatat
  • You Take My Breath Away- The Knife

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunken Treasure


I have found that one of the best and most entertaining ways to gain essential fashion intelligence is through watching the designers go through the process of making a collection. Check out these movies and documentaries to be a designer for a few hours. You can't get any closer to fashion than the people who evolve, revolutionize, and shape fashion itself. Read over and watch these documentaries on some of the top current designers.

For a whirlwind of a busy fashion life, check out man who handles it all as the head designer of one of the top American companies and the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

Get an exclusive look behind the mysterious dark glasses of Karl Lagerfeld in:

Lagerfeld Confidential

Lagerfeld COnfidential - Movie Trailer - Funny video clips are a click away

Watch the reenacting drama of Gabrielle Chanel's captivating life in:

CoCo Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel - Trailer - Watch the top videos of the week here

All of these movies gave me a new perspective on the history and the making of the fashion that we view today. Please watch!

Some other movie suggestions that have great reviews but I have not yet watched:
Isaacc Mizrahi's Unzipped
Will Wender's A Notebook on Cities and Clothes
Valentino The Last Emporer

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To The Pointe

Trend Update

When shopping for summer, I am trying to keep things vintage. Many times, the flouncy, lacy look of delicate vintage attire suits spring and summer very well. American Apparel just got some great things that fit this look, such as the El Salvador Lace Tee or the Multi-Layered Reversable Petticoat. Also, check out etsy for infinite pages of vintage pieces. I saw great example of this look for summer on Chris B from
American Apparel Lace Tee, American Apparel Sash Belt As Bow, American Apparel Drawstring Tank Dress As Skirt, American Apparel Petticoat
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For men this summer:
I would not say the hipster look with vanity glasses and cut off denim capri's is attractive. I actually find surf and skate attire quite pleasing to the eye. Try slim jeans that are not uncomfortably tight but are slim enough to not cut off the line of your figure. Some companies that I would suggest are Insight, RVCA, Volcom, Obey etc. For summer, remember to keep things slim and not baggy.
ps: dr. martins are hot!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lookbook #4!

What I am wearing today consists of an American Apparel sash belt and skirt. The socks are from Target, the tights from Macy's, and the sweater is from my baby closet ha ha! I bought the shoes from Urban Outfitters. I was going for the look of the tall socks with a vintage feel.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Miss Out

Here's a few of the cheapest things I could find at my favorite sites. If your a bargain, trinket, sale-loving shopper, then you may want to check these items out.
From Urban Oufitters:


Pins and Needles Silky Printed Tap Short
From Free people: beaded shine double wrap belt for only $19.95

Beaded Shine Double Wrap Belt

American apparel: RSaskth stripe thigh-high sock- $15.00


etsy: vintage pink rose cameo ring- $15.00

Vintage Pink Rose Cameo Ring

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I just wanted to reiterate one more time how FANTASTICALLY adept Miu Miu's Spring line is! Miu Miu is always distinguished for her use of patterns and fun prints; namely, this spring season was a pinnacle of those added frills on the fabric. She put silhouette of birds, silhouettes of women, cats, and polka dots, onto her exquisitly tailored suits and dresses while adding variety through inversion of the colors on assorted looks. Plus, every model wore her hair in a long side braid, adding a babydoll look to the line; however, this precious, cutsey trait didn't take away from the sophistication of the whimsical Spring RTW of 2010 for Miu Miu.
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Alexander Wang Fall 2010 RTW

As I attempted to catch up on my favorite man of all time, Alexander Wang's, newest designs, I became slightly disappointed at his fall line. The intentions of the clothing are genius with the cummerbund addition to blazers and the trench coat overlay made from an appealing mix of velvet, lace, leather, mesh, and pinstripes. Consequently, what threw me off was the tailoring. I felt as if the clothes didn't fit the girls like they usually do on the Wang runway and seemed to wrinkle awkwardly as the girls walked. Luckily, by the end of the line, the dresses that proceeded down the runway were absolutely gorgeous and chic. Overall, my favorite season of Wang is still his Spring 2009 denim/leather line. Thank you Alexander Wang from bringing in the idea of making masculine clothing sexy and greatly attractive on women. With this season, I still haven't lost any love and appreciation for young Alexander Wang though, because he could potentially pull this look off as something he did on purpose. Did he mean to have awkward gaps in his tailoring or was it the new take on the unfit, menswear trend? Take a look here and predict what you think:

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