Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When I was in Florence last Friday, I felt fully immersed in European fashion. Walking through the cobblestone streets, I tried to walk low in profile as if to blend into the European environment. I honestly felt as if I looked very Euro that day, and I tried not to talk much as to not give away my American accent. It was quite fun to try to act Italian! Anyhow, at one point, a six foot tall, long brown haired girl in sunglasses strutted by me. There was no doubt that she was a model; her legs were so skinny and tall that they gapped as she walked. I just sat and observed the high fashion of Italy that this girl demonstrated in hopes to ingest some new ideas. I was most significantly intrigued by the girl's over the knee forest green socks that she wore with a pair of black motor cycle boots. The socks with the short tailored shorts that she wore attracted my attention as being very edgy. Therefore, along with the leather jacket, suede zip up, lace tank, and nude scarf that I physically brought back from Italy, I also accumulated some great new ideas to get a jump start on the fashion curve.

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  1. let's get back! asap
    loved it in both greece and italy
    and yes we did see some great fashion and we also saw some not-so-great fashion...haha