Friday, March 12, 2010

Up and Coming

As I was doing my daily routine of sifting through the latest fashion shows on nymag today, I found an inspiring new name. He is a Brazilian man named Pedro Lourenco; however I can hardly say man because this aspiring new designer is only nineteen years old. And at Paris fashion week, Pedro Lourenco's undoubtedly directional collection awaken the Paris fashion scene. Those who expected a well known designer to capture the eye of the  viewers may have been slightly thrown by such a wild card. Lourenco proved to be a true hit. For me, I was hypnotized by the geometric beige, black, and brown leather minidresses. The flouncy miniskirt is trend for the fall season; however Lourenco took minidresses and added endless rows of buttons on rungs of plastic slats with protruding triangular fins of leather and plastic. Such assets gave the dresses a kilted but sleek look that added to the over all uniqueness to the collection. Each outfit was exceptionally made and well sculpted to the model's body. Lourenco has impeccable talent for being of such an age.
The question in fashion is usually on whether an up-and-coming designer has value and relativity in his or her clothing. For Pedro Lourenco, he easily passed the test with this mod-meets-military collection. Even the fashion world needs a fresh name once in a while, and Pedro Lourenco definitely brings something incredible to the table.

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