Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three's the Charm

There is barely any men other than Shawn Stussy and Frank Sinatra Jr. that can successfully mix cool surf wear with high fashion. The company started out with primarily selling surf boards, but just this year, Stussy has celebrated  30 years of high fashioned surf apparel. Since the early 1980's when the company took off, the Stussy signature has defined the clothing and has made a famous surname for Shawn and Frank; however, the unique clothing is enough of a definition for the company. In any surf shop, I can always tell which clothes are made by Stussy, and every garb is appealing. Stussy apparel has been described as to be worn by DJ's, punks, hipsters, skaters, and surfers; for the varying buyers of the brand, Stussy claims, "Everybody calls it surf wear, or urban street wear, or surf street...but I don't name it, and I don't name it on purpose." Many companies try to appeal to one crowd, and many prove to be successful, but I appreciate Stussy's idea to sell clothes that appeal to him without a care of what crowd will buy it first. Not many companies can make sophisticated men's dress shoes (seen in s double) and fun, edgy girl's surf wear successfully. Stussy can find success in every sector of the fashion spectrum. So all in all, thank you Stussy for your great contributions to the fashion world. Happy 30th anniversary. 

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